20181003 | Release 0.6.0 | @hsanjuan

We are publishing the first of IPFS Cluster 0.6.0 series today. After the large amount of code in 0.5.0, we expect to regain a bit of cadency and push out changes and improvements more often.

All peers from the 0.6.x series will be able to interact among each others. That essentially means that we will keep the internal RPC API compatible and that you will not need to upgrade all your peers at the same time. This change comes as Cluster APIs become more mature.

On the engineering front, this quarter we will be mostly working towards:

  • prototyping a replacement for Cluster’s consensus component (currently uses Raft)
  • gaining insights into the system with metrics and tracing
  • performing the last steps to get cluster sharding working

For the moment, check out the changelog for a full list of the changes in this release. And big thanks to all the contributors: @lanzafame, @meiqimichelle, @kishansagathiya, @cannium, @jglukasik and @mike-ngu and others.