API Reference

IPFS Cluster peers include an API component which provides HTTP-based access to the peer’s functionality. The API attempts to be REST-ful in form and behaviour.

The following API docs are work in progress and serve only as a quick reference.
All the available API endpoints and their parametres and object formats are documented and supported by the API client.

This table provides a quick summary of methods available:

Method Endpoint Comment
GET /id Cluster peer information
GET /version Cluster version
GET /peers Cluster peers
DELETE /peers/{peerID} Remove a peer
POST /add Add content to the cluster
GET /allocations List of pins and their allocations (pinset)
GET /allocations/{cid} Show a single pin and its allocations (from the pinset)
GET /pins Local status of all tracked CIDs
POST /pins/sync Sync local status from IPFS
GET /pins/{cid} Local status of single CID
POST /pins/{cid} Pin a CID
POST /pins/{ipfs\|ipns\|ipld}/<path> Pin using an IPFS path
DELETE /pins/{cid} Unpin a CID
DELETE /pins/{ipfs\|ipns\|ipld}/<path> Unpin using an IPFS path
POST /pins/{cid}/sync Sync a CID
POST /pins/{cid}/recover Recover a CID
POST /pins/recover Recover all pins in the receiving Cluster peer
GET /health/graph Get connection graph