Binary distribution

IPFS Cluster provides pre-built binaries for several platforms on the IPFS Distributions page:

You can download these binaries, make them executable and run them directly. They include all the necessary dependencies.

The prebuilt-binaries are only updated on new releases (with occasional release candidates). These releases aim to provide a stable distribution of IPFS Cluster.


We have automatic docker builds ( to create a minimal container that runs ipfs-cluster-service by default. You can obtain it with:

docker pull ipfs/ipfs-cluster:\<tag\>

where <tag> is either latest or a tagged version of cluster (i.e. v0.7.0). The latest build is built from master.

Make sure to read the Docker documentation section.


We submit automated experimental builds to the store:

snap install ipfs-cluster --edge

We currently do not provide stable snaps.

Installing from source

The following requirements apply to the installation from source:

In order to build and install IPFS Cluster follow the steps:

git clone
export GO111MODULE=on # optional, if checking out the repository in $GOPATH.
go install ./cmd/ipfs-cluster-service
go install ./cmd/ipfs-cluster-ctl

After the dependencies have been downloaded, ipfs-cluster-service and ipfs-cluster-ctl will be installed to your $GOPATH/bin.

If you would rather have them built locally, use go build ./cmd/<binary_name> instead.

Building the docker image

This is as easily as running:

docker build . -t ipfs-cluster

in the repository root.


The project Changelog is available here.

Next steps: Configuration