Binary distribution

IPFS Cluster provides pre-built binaries for several platforms on the IPFS Distributions page:

You can download these binaries, make them executable and run them directly. They include all the necessary dependencies.

The prebuilt-binaries are only updated on new releases (with occasional release candidates). These releases aim to provide a stable distribution of IPFS Cluster.


We have automatic docker builds ( to create a minimal container that runs ipfs-cluster-service by default. You can obtain it with:

docker pull ipfs/ipfs-cluster:\<tag\>

where <tag> is either latest or a tagged version of cluster (i.e. v0.7.0). The latest build is built from master.

Make sure to read the Docker documentation section.


We submit automated experimental builds to the store:

snap install ipfs-cluster --edge

We currently do not provide stable snaps.

Installing from source

The following requirements apply to the installation from source:


In order to build and install IPFS Cluster in Unix systems follow the steps:

git clone $GOPATH/src/
cd $GOPATH/src/
make install

After the dependencies have been downloaded, ipfs-cluster-service and ipfs-cluster-ctl will be installed to your $GOPATH/bin (it uses go install).

If you would rather have them built locally, use make build instead. You can run make clean to remove any generated artifacts and rewrite the import paths to their original form.

Note that when the ipfs daemon is running locally on its default ports, the build process will use it to fetch gx, gx-go and all the needed dependencies directly from IPFS.

Windows and manual installation

In order to build in Windows, you will have to download and install gx and gx-go first and then build manually:

git clone $GOPATH/
go get -u
go get -u
gx install --global
gx-go rw
cd ipfs-cluster-service
go install
cd ../ipfs-cluster-ctl
go install

ipfs-cluster-service and ipfs-cluster-ctl should not be available in $GOPATH/bin.

Building the docker image

This is as easily as running:

docker build . -t ipfs-cluster

in the repository root.


The project Changelog is available here.

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