This is the IPFS Cluster Roadmap for the next months. Note that this is a declaration of our best intentions but it is very difficult to make compromises. We keep this page updated regularly.

Short term (Q4 2019)

  • Support and improvements to the CRDT implementation
  • Usability improvements and small fixes
  • DAG Sharding support (ongoing)
  • Key metrics for prometheus
  • Workshops and conference talks

Mid term (6-8 months horizon)

  • RPC streaming
  • Stable collaborations with different players interested in using ipfs-cluster/ipfs.
  • Sharding support and good sharding support for at least ~1TB datasets (package repositories).
  • Exploring support for a rich set of allocation strategies e.g. by geographic location or as a function of access patterns

Long term (~1 year+)

  • Additional chunking/sharding/encoding strategies. FEC support.
  • Tested to 10s of millions of peers