Guidelines for contributing

General guidelines

IPFS Cluster adopts the existing guidelines in the IPFS community:

Getting oriented

To check what’s going on in the project, check:

If you are looking for things to start with, filter for issues with easy and ready labels.

In general, anything marked with help wanted is ready to be taken on by external contributors.

Please let us know when you are going to work on something, or more clarifications are needed, so we can help you out!

Code contribution guidelines

In practice, these are our soft standards:

  License: MIT
  Signed-off-by: User Name <email@address>

where “User Name” is the author’s real (legal) name and email@address is one of the author’s valid email addresses.

These trailers mean that the author agrees with the developer certificate of origin and with licensing the work under the MIT license.

To help you automatically add these trailers, you can run the script which will setup a Git commit-msg hook that will add the above trailers to all the commit messages you write.

These are just guidelines. We are friendly people and are happy to help :)